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Plus mini-splits are so quiet, that you won’t know they’re running!

Dynamic Air-Care in Ocala, FL installs ductless heating and cooling.

Without ductwork, ductless mini-splits can be installed just about anywhere! They can heat and cool large rooms without a dedicated duct system. These types of units are great additions to all-season rooms, lanais, and places where you need separate heating and cooling zones. What makes them even more attractive is the ability to control them from a remote or smartphone app. Dynamic Air-Care serves Ocala, The Villages, and Williston, FL, in addition to Marion County, Sumter County, Lake County, Citrus County, and Alachua County, Florida.

Mini splits are great for keeping your garage, workshop, or lanai comfortable all year long!

They have many benefits for a small price tag. Not only do they provide great flexibility, and can create individual heating and cooling zones, but some models can also support multiple indoor units for separate rooms, with each zone having its own thermostat. Plus they are amazing at quickly heating or cooling your space! Now you can enjoy your lanai during the dog days of summer!

New Mini split system on wall

This technology could change the way you heat and cool your home

Without the use of ductwork, you bypass the pollutant-filled duct system that collects dust, pet hair, pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants over time. The use of a ductless heating and cooling system known as a mini-split reduces the number of airborne pollutants as compared to a traditional forced-air HVAC system. This technology can also save homeowners on their energy bills since less energy is required to heat and cool their homes. And let’s not forget the low cost of installation. Our team can install your new mini-split in a day depending on how many indoor evaporator units you choose. The system consists of a small outdoor condenser unit and several indoor evaporator units, each installed in separate rooms. The indoor units can be installed virtually anywhere on the wall. There is no ductwork with this system making it very efficient and cost-effective.

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Reducing pollutants and choosing the desired temperature in separate rooms throughout your home are two good reasons to consider a ductless heating and cooling system in your home. Dynamic Air-Care in Ocala, FL installs ductless mini-splits, makes repairs, and provides maintenance to these systems to keep them running at peak performance. Call 352-875-1780 today to learn more!

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Dynamic Air-Care is located in Ocala, FL, and serves The Villages, Williston, and all of Marion, Sumter, Lake, Citrus, and Alachua counties. For the highest performance out of your heating and cooling system, we are the HVAC contractor you can count on! We consistently provide a reliable service team throughout your heating or AC installation or repair. Call us at 352-875-1780 to schedule your service.

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